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Black Market Games launches Dead Hungry Diner

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Black Market Games launches Dead Hungry Diner

DERRY~LONDONDERRY - April 23, 2012 – Today Black Market Games announced the launch of their video game Dead Hungry Diner, a fast-paced puzzle and strategy game that features a fresh approach to the time management gaming genre.

“With Dead Hungry Diner, our goal was to create a fun game that could be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible,” said Sean 'MooTV' McCafferty, Design Lead at Black Market Games. “Accessibility is a key design principle for us. We looked at tried-and-tested gameplay mechanics that work and added some of our own original ingenuities that we felt really enhanced the player’s experience - and that’s really what it is all about - the Player’s Experience.”

Popular online games site, Rock Paper Shotgun described Dead Hungry Diner as “...casual gaming gold …extremely well paced, introducing new features at just the right rate to ensure you feel on top of things, but still with that sense of frantic rush, and eventual relief of completion. ...this really does seem to have the polish of a PopCap game, which is high praise indeed.”

“At Black Market Games, we have a lot of fun developing fresh and fun ideas which we plan to commercialise across a variety of media platforms” said Lee Fallon, Chief Financial Officer at Black Market Games.

Dead Hungry Diner launches today for PC/Windows with Mac and iPhone/iPad versions well under way. “We are pleased to ship our first title created with our cross-platform game development toolkit based on proven free and open technologies.” said Eric Reinhart, CEO at Black Market Games. “This toolkit enables us to bring Dead Hungry Diner to gamers on all major casual gaming platforms, even with a small production budget.”

For more information about Black Market Games, visit: http://www.blackmarketgames.com. For more information about Dead Hungry Diner or to download the demo version visit: http://www.deadhungrydiner.com

About Black Market Games

An independent games studio based in Derry~Londonderry.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Market-Games/289870241043144 Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BlackMarketGame

Some Articles Written So Far http://www.gamezebo.com/games/dead-hungry-diner/preview


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