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New Belfast Coworking Space Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign

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New Belfast Coworking Space Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign

Our WabiSabi coworking community has met and worked together regularly since November 2014. WabiSabi plans to open up a unique, shared space in Belfast for September 2016.

After conducting the largest online survey of coworking needs in Northern Ireland, receiving international media attention, and coordinating with already established coworking businesses here in Ireland, the WabiSabi team believe their time has come.

“We’ve taken our time to build a community, raise awareness of the concept and host coworking days not only in Belfast but around the country,” says Dawn Baird, Founder of WabiSabi. “Now we need to find a space that’s right for us, and that will provide business support for Northern Ireland’s entrepreneurs, SME owners, employees and freelancers.”>

WabiSabi aims not just to support business activities but also the people behind them. The design and furnishing of the space will work toward promoting the positive mental health of its members. Regular, focused events will further bolster this emphasis on user wellbeing at WabiSabi.

“It sounds great, working from home, hot desking as you need, working in coffee shops. Only it isn’t. It sucks,” says Allen Baird. “There are no natural sounding boards, no facilitated introductions, no camaraderie. There is no unified place to meet clients, pitch, learn or brainstorm. Instead, there’s isolation and demotivation.”

Dawn and Allen believe choice for members in a coworking space is key to bring business and health benefits together in one place. So they will provide diversity of workplaces, coworkers and membership packages within WabiSabi. Their training background in Sensei and commitment to the principles of The Growth Mindset will enable them to active facilitation an atmosphere of learning, connection and opportunity.

The WabiSabi Crowdfunding Campaign, designed to provide buy-in and bargains for future members, kicks off on Kickstarter this week. Click here to hear what Dawn and Allen have to say about their coworking vision. Or take a look at their website for press information.

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