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Passenger Information Systems Workshop - IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems

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Passenger Information Systems Workshop - IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems

The Department for Regional Development is holding a series of workshops to engage with the market as one of the first steps in taking forward the implementation of its IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems. This initial series of workshops will focus on exploring the technologies and solutions available in relation to passenger information for public transport. The workshop brief outlines the focus and objectives of the workshop. Also attached are passenger profiles which depict some examples of passenger’s public transport needs in Northern Ireland.

The Department's vision is to utilise developments in intelligent transportation and related systems to deliver an efficient, affordable and sustainable public transportation system, that makes it easy for customers to plan, manage and undertake their journeys as conveniently and reliably as possible.

An IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems was completed in January 2011. The Strategy examined the requirements for IS/IT systems to support the future delivery of public transport services. A copy of the strategy is available at A high-level roadmap is attached detailing the main projects in each of the key strategic priorities of the IS/IT Strategy.

The key strategic priorities arising out of the IS/IT Strategy are:

  • Passenger Information
  • Purchasing tickets and paying for journeys
  • Accurate management information; and
  • Strategic planning.

During the workshop the Department wants industry experts to:

· Help the Department understand how technology could be used to deliver an efficient and sustainable public transportation system that makes it easy for customers to plan and manage their journeys, prior to and during travel and encourages the use of public transport;

  • Identify and discuss innovative and commercial solutions to meet the passenger information needs of the customer;
  • Identify and discuss business model options for passenger information solutions, including options for outsourcing and in-house solutions; and
  • Discuss the challenges to be overcome to ensure that solutions are sustainable, future-proofed and will not become quickly outdated.

The workshops are being held in an open and transparent manner. A record of the workshops will be taken and all documentation will be published on the Department's website. Participants are asked to provide in advance electronic copies of any presentation material they intend to use on the day.

The proposed workshops will take place in Belfast on 28 and 29 June 2011, with a morning and afternoon session being held on each day. If you are interested in attending or would like to discuss any aspect of the workshop, please contact Astrid Stuart in the Department for Regional Development on 02890540336 or email, indicating your first and second choice of workshop session dates and providing a contact point within your organisation.

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