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Remote control for Infurious games

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appController from Infurious Ltd.

Apple iPads are perhaps one of the most compact and portable computer style systems available on the market today, with a huge range of applications available both for paid and free.

We at Infurious have had some success in the gaming market for our recently released DestructANT game, available for the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. While working on our second gaming application, Tanks 1-ON-1, it became quickly apparent that having the ability to simple connect your iPad up to a television screen and use your iPhone and/or iPod Touch to control the action would be a great boon. This is what has led to the creation of our newest application, appController.

We have developed a simple communications system using Apple's GameKit to allow any of our iPad games to be set into console mode allowing up to 6 players, depending on the game, to remotely connect to the iPad allowing full control of the game from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

This opens up a huge range of possibilities in gaming for action, card based games, turn based games, etc...

The appController will be a free app available for download from the App Store, and will have controllers for all our iPad games through this single app. New ones can be added through updates as new games are released.

The gaming interface is custom designed to provide the look and feel of the actual game being played, see here for some examples of the interface design for DestructANT and TANKS 1-ON-1.

This application is still in the development stage but we're hoping for a release date this February with updates to our games to reflect the new remote control facility.

See our Digital Circle Project post for current screenshots of appController

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