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Review of Apprenticeships in NI

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Review of Apprenticeships in NI

Dear all,

There is currently a review of the Youth Employment Scheme specifically in regard to apprenticeships that would benefit from your attention.

The Department for Employment and Learning is keen to hear your views on the findings of a review which aims to shape the future of apprenticeships in Northern Ireland.

This review seeks to ensure that apprenticeships play a major role, supplying the skills to reflect the changing needs of the economy and offer a highly regarded educational pathway.

The views expressed through the consultation will help to consolidate the Department's thinking in moving forward, to develop a revitalised apprenticeship model for Northern Ireland.

The Department will publish the way forward in the summer of 2014.

There is a real opportunity to help key sectors in Northern Ireland through this programme - be that in web development, animation, games or the development of social or e-learning content.

The deadline is 7th April 2014

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- Why do media apprenticeships have to be validated by London?
- Because of a lack of accredited courses in Northern Ireland
- What courses are accredited in Northern Ireland?
- North West Regional College: HND Creative Media Production (Moving Image)
- Belfast Met: HND Creative Media Production (Moving Image)
- University of Ulster: MA Media Management and Policy
- University of Ulster: MA Documentary Practice
- So any other courses in NI, across six colleges and three universities are not accredited by Creative Skillset?
- Yup. Not in games, media, web design, film-making, music or animation. None of them have the accreditation from the Sector Skills Council. You have to go elsewhere.

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