The rise of Startacus – the online community celebrating the self starter...

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The rise of Startacus – the online community celebrating the self starter...

Startacus the online community celebrating the self starter is coming soon, and the landing page is now live. Startacus explained more...

I am Startacus. Are you?

There is a train of thought that society is broken, that the economy will continue to shrink and that good jobs will become harder to find and even harder to keep.

But Startacus does not accept this philosophy or this mindset. For every bad news story that is reported on the news, there are many amazing ones, that remain unheard. For every benefits cheat, or disinterested worker, there are tons of hard-working and self-starting individuals coming up with innovative and exciting ways that they can create jobs for themselves, and others.

Startacus will bring these people together, to harness this energy and creativity, to empower and encourage the idea maker, innovator and thinker; to help, motivate, develop a creative community and culture. Startacus rejects the concept of the broken society and celebrates the self start society!

We are currently fine tuning Startacus. When Startacus rises :

  • you will be able to join a community that will give inspiration, support and motivation to help ideas, grow, walk and then run…

  • not only will you be joining a community that celebrates the culture of the self starter, you will be joining a community that bridges the gap between the self starter and the resources needed to flourish.

  • it will be a place where the self starter can collaborate with other community members to make ideas and projects, an actual reality.

Whilst we put the finishing touches to Startacus, why not sign up at and when it’s all ready, you’ll be among the first to know…

I am Startacus. Are you?

Startacus is a new online platform from TheEmployable. Email if you have any queries, press questions or wish to discuss sponsorship, or service opportunities.

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