Alastair Luke

The Impact Academy - North Belfast

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ASHTON COMMUNITY TRUST with Young Enterprise, FABLAB Belfast and North Belfast Social Enterprise Hub is giving North Belfasts 16-22 year olds the opportunity to start a business and do something positive for the community. JOIN THE IMPACT ACADEMY • Create your own business supporting a good cause • Grow your employability skills • Experience starting and running a real business • Get support ... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

E-Learning Motivation Made Easy: How To Keep Learners Engaged

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We think E-Learning is great. It’s cost-effective, time-efficient and ideal for delivering standardised training to huge groups of learners spanning even greater geographical areas. However, it does not come without its challenges. One of the key issues with E-Learning lies in its struggle to retain, engage and motivate learners. Today, we’ll tackle the topic of motivation, giving you sound adv... read more →

Clare McGee

Interested in attending #GameLab Barcelona 24 June 2015 in association with #AceCreative?

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ACE Creative is a Horizon 2020 project delivered across Europe by 11 partners whose focus lies in assisting emerging start-ups working with ICT and Creativity. It helps those businesses to accelerate and grow internationally by connecting companies with clients, investors and useful contacts in other countries. How do we make this happen? ACE Creative will select the top 100 emerging creativ... read more →

Digital Circle Admin

PwC Data Analytics Academy now recruiting....

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The Department for Employment and Learning, in association with PwC and Belfast Metropolitan College, has launched PwC's Data Analytics Academy. This is an eight-week training programme, focusing on the core skills essential to secure a graduate role to work in their new and rapidly growing Data Analytics team. Graduates selected to join the Academy will receive practical, real-world training o... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

The Six Golden Rules for Using Graphics in E-Learning

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We are all forced daily to trundle through reams of written content to get to the information we want. We have learned to quickly scan text, pick out the points of interest and ignore the rest. Today we’ll tell you how you can use graphics to highlight which information is most important for your learners and to help them to memorise it. Why are graphics so great? Graphics are amazing becaus... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

Aurion Learning Director raises over £2000 for NICFC at London Marathon

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On Sunday the 26th April, Ciaran O’Hare, Director at Aurion Learning raised a whopping £2116 for Northern Ireland’s Cancer Fund for Children (NICFC) by competing in the London Marathon. Ciaran raced past his target of £1600 and crossed the finishing line at an impressive 4 hours, 38 minutes. All of the money raised will be donated to NICFC and used to help families in Northern Ireland who have... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

The difference between chimpanzees and us: Social Learning?

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Our ability to learn from one another and build upon each other’s wisdom (known as social learning) means that we can find new, quicker and more effective ways of doing everyday tasks. In this blog, we’ll explore why social learning is one of the things that makes us unique as humans and discuss why it is so exciting. We recently watched biologist, Mark Pagel’s TED talk, How language transform... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

Aurion Learning Support Lobbying Transparency

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Aurion Learning attended the recent press launch of, a new online register for lobbying, commissioned by the Standards in Public Office Commission. was commissioned in order to regulate and increase transparency of lobbying within the Republic of Ireland. The register will track who is lobbying, whom they are lobbying and about what. The register was developed by Dovet... read more →

Carley Morrow

Ministry of Sound and Adoreboard unveil world's first beat from a tweet

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Data scientists and experts in Belfast and London today have created a remarkable new sound - the world’s first “beat from a tweet”. They teamed up with Ministry of Sound, the multimedia entertainment business, to produce an eight minute music track based on research of emotions expressed by leading brand names and individuals on social media. The study was carried out by scientists working f... read more →

Ciara Cunningham

Loud and Clear: Best Practice Use of Audio in E-Learning

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So you read our last blog, 4 Questions to ask before using audio in your E-Learning and decided that it’s for you – great! In this blog, we’ll explore the different ways you can incorporate audio into your E-Learning to help you achieve higher learner engagement and enjoyment. There are 5 main approaches to using audio in your programme: The audio and onscreen text are exactly the same. Pa... read more →