An award winning web development agency creating bespoke websites that allow our clients to maximise the business potential of the internet.

Eyekiller stands out from its competitors because of the unique and professional service we provide. We are extremely competitive in our field and are recognised for our value-added approach.

The Eyekiller team consists of highly skilled and passionate individuals. Every website our team creates begins life as a blank canvas. We do not mass-produce websites, neither have we predefined templates. Our aim is to work out a unique site concept fitting the needs and desires of our clients and their target audience.

We believe that websites are no longer a bolt-on attachment to a company, they are an integral part of the core business plan, echoing the brand and values. Eyekiller combine research, innovative design and advanced technology to create unique, distinctive and memorable solutions which encourage the visitor to learn more about, and interact with, the organisation being promoted.

We produce a definitive online strategy, facilitating entrance into new markets and identifying potential online commercial opportunities. We perfect every aspect of the visitor experience to ensure the finished product quickly becomes a successful, profitable and dependable business asset.




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