Paper Bag | Mobile Application Development

Paper Bag | Mobile Application Development

Paper Bag is a London & Belfast based mobile application development agency where creativity and innovation become a reality.

With expertise in both commercial and government projects we deliver bespoke apps across the entire smart phone spectrum. We don't hide behind a fancy over worked name, we lay it all bare and let our apps do the talking.

Our experiences stem from working in the big guns. In 2009, filled with the spirit of entrepreneurship we spread our wings. The team has executed a pretty impressive portfolio - hey, one of our very first apps was even 'featured' in the Apple App Store. Paper Bag nurtures each project from conception to completion, with special focus on strategy, UI/UX design, development and delivery.

We promise not to bombard you with too much boring techy stuff, talk to us, we're a clever bunch and we'll make it our business to know your business, getting to grips with your objectives is key. We get excited and yes we are as fussy when it comes to detail. We'll grace you with clear talking and realistic deadlines. We're not a factory, more 'haute couture', it's your app, unique to you.

Some people say we're geeks....we say 'thanks for the compliment'




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