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Snapchat uptake still relatively low?


Hi all,

Have you been finding the uptake of Snapchat still quite low in the NI market? It's such a popular medium in terms of reaching a younger demographic through social media but we find clients still a bit wary of it.

We did a blog post on it here that helped ease some fears on it for clients.

Wondered if anyone had similar experiences?

Discussion started about 2 years ago by Joanne

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Digital Circle Admin

Digital Circle Admin

Digital Circle Admin at Digital Circle

Depends on the market segment. Among teens and twentysomethings, it's immense. Even parents have signed up to better communicate with their teens.

about 2 years ago



Marketing Manager at digital88

Agreed - such a hard segment to target usually, Snapchat has huge potential for businesses in that market.

about 2 years ago

martha monk

Snapchat has huge potential but is failing because of twitter and facebook.

over 1 year ago

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