May 24

Millimeter-Wave Measurement Insights (Keysight Technologies seminar)

Mobile at ECIT, Belfast

Join us for a Millimeter-Wave Measurement Insights Hotspot Seminar, an international event created by Keysight Technologies and hosted in NI by the Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI), Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) on 24th May 2018 at ECIT.

To address wide bandwidth requirements, researchers are exploring the higher frequencies in the centimeter and millimeter wave bands where more spectrum is readily available.

Compared to the traditional bandwidths used at sub-6 GHz for cellular communications, the use of hundreds or even several gigahertz of spectrum at these higher frequencies require new components with much higher physical tolerances to achieve the desired performance.

In turn, the measurement techniques used to measure the RF performance of these new devices also require special consideration.

During the seminar, experts from Keysight (fka Agilent) and academic researchers from CWI at Queen’s University Belfast will discuss the following topics:

[1] Millimeter-wave Signal Generation – The quest for lowest wideband EVM

[2] Millimeter-wave Signal Analysis – Tackling the Multi-GHz Bandwidth Challenge

[3] Millimeter-wave Device Characterization – Achieve Metrology-Grade results

[4] Practical examples of Millimeter-wave Measurements in academic research will be presented by Dr. Dmitry Zelenchuk, CWI / Queen’s University Belfast.

During the seminar you will also have the opportunity to get hands-on demonstrations, network with comms engineering peers and discuss your measurement challenges.

To register for this free seminar, click on the link [W] in the grey box on the right handside (then on the registration page, select 'Belfast' from the list of cities).

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