Apr 25

eCommerce: Guide to Starting to Sell Online

Web at The Ortus Group, Belfast

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eCommerce has never been bigger or more accessible. However, that means a lot of businesses dive into eCommerce without adequately thinking through the process, leading to lost sales, lower margins, frustrated customers and legal nightmares.

This session aims to help businesses with “where to start” in the world of eCommerce, a place that has no borders and infinite options. These options greatly narrow with a firm grasp of some basics before you open your online store.

Session Overview

  • What is your mission: Why are you selling online?
  • What is your shop’s niche?
  • Where are you going to position your shop in the online market?
  • What platform am I going to use?
  • Legal Compliance
  • How am I going to market my site?

About the Trainer

In this session, we host Simon Harper from SRH Design. Simon has nearly 20 years’ web and graphic design experience. Currently, Simon runs several global e-commerce websites and specialises in Wordpress and WooCommerce for online shopping though has experience across a wide range of platforms.

Should I attend?

This session is ideal for any business considering either selling online or re-evaluating their current online platform. From start-up businesses to growth companies the course is pitched at individuals with little to no knowledge of online selling and therefore a previous technical knowledge is not required to attend. There will also be ample time to ask any questions throughout the session.

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