Jun 15

For Tweet Sake! How to use Twitter effectively and efficiently

Web at Inspire Business Centre, Dundonald


How can you convert your tweets into profits?

From the outside, Twitter can look like an unlikely professional network, emphasised by the media interest in breaking news and celebrity twitter users. But there are many thousands of professional people using twitter as a productivity tool, for learning, and as an effective means to demonstrate your expertise with a niche audience.

With its open, searchable structure, Twitter makes it possible for you to find your target audience, and for them to find you. In an industry where we can often find ourselves isolated from people who share our concerns or interests, Twitter is a way to break down silos, learn new things and become known for what matters.

By attending the Inspire Twitter workshop you will be able to:

  • Begin using Twitter properly.
  • Decide how to integrate Twitter into your marketing and business development strategy.
  • Set up your Twitter profile to help people find you online.
  • Decide whom to follow and how to grow a genuine following
  • Use Twitter to raise awareness of your work, build business relationships and promote events.
  • Learn how to collaborate on Twitter for the greatest effect
  • Measure your success in using Twitter and demonstrate its value to your business.
  • Articulate the value of Twitter for professional business development to others.

Refreshments provided Please bring a Wifi enabled Laptop, and a smartphone/tablet if you use one. The workshop is an interactive mixture of instruction and discussion


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