Sep 14

Game Technology Development Seminar (featuring Paul Durrant)

Games at Radisson Blu, Belfast


In 2007, the Scottish Government identified the creative industries, with a particular emphasis on digital content and technologies as a key industry sector which offered high-growth potential and the capacity to create economic impact for Scotland. Since that decision, Scotland has achieved remarkable growth of in the creative industries sector which is now estimated to support over 60,000 jobs and contribute £5 billion to the economy.

One institution which has been a major contributor to this success is the University of Abertay in Dundee. Through a broad range of undergraduate and post graduate courses in digital content, through its internationally renowned competition, Dare to be Digital and through the management of funding initiatives, Abertay has helped to create a pool of digital content talent and encouraged this talent to establish commercial ventures in the region.

Paul Durrant is Abertay University’s Director of Business Development. He has been instrumental in developing a range of projects to support digital media IP generation, business start-up, incubation, and skills development particularly in the video games area. He developed Dare to be Digital and Dare ProtoPlay to become significant international events including a partnership with BAFTA to recognise talented young developers and the development of the Channel 4 Crunchtime TV series. He also raised £2m to establish a prototype fund for small games developers and has recently launched a partnership with the Technology Strategy Board to fund novel games applications.

In this seminar, Paul will describe the Scottish experience in digital content, the contribution from Abertay and the funding opportunities available through Abertay which are available to companies in Northern Ireland. In particular, he will describe the Abertay University Prototype Fund ( and the Future Games Contest ( )


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