Oct 30


Web at Eighty81 Creative Workspace, Londonderry

1st workshop Mon Oct 30th @5.30pm 2nd workshop Wed Nov 29th @5.30pm 3rd workshop Tues Dec 12th @5.30pm

Learn How to Create & Deliver a Winning Pitch

As any startup or entrepreneur knows, pitching your business or business idea can be very overwhelming.

We along with seasoned business owner and co-founder of MakeMatic will help you learn the skills to create and deliver a winning pitch and we will do this over a series of 3 workshops.

You will:

• Learn how to structure a pitch

• Have a template they can use again and again

• Receive coaching on how to present your pitch

• Receive feedback on your pitch

• A chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs

  • To get the full benefit of these workshops we would recommend you come to all three.*

1st Workshop / Date: Mon Oct 30th @5.30pm-6.30pm This first workshop will start at the very beginning where you will all be shown how to structure a winning pitch.

2nd Workshop / Date: Wed Nov 29th @5.30pm-6.30pm This workshop will focus on delivery, the ability to practice your pitch, 3 mins long, and get valuable feedback from industry professionals.

3rd Workshop / Date: Tues Dec 12th @5.30pm-6.30pm The final event where you will have perfected your pitch, this is where you’ll showcase your business to an invited audience and industry professionals - followed by networking

*A big thanks to Mark Nagurski who is volunteering his time for these events, he is a co-founder of MakeMatic which creates bitesize professional learning for teachers and has worked in business development for over 15 years.

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