Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join as a member?

Anybody who has an interest in software or digital content in Northern Ireland can join as a member

Who can join as a business?

The Digital Circle business showcase is open to businesses operating in Northern Ireland involved in the creation, management and distribution of Digital Softare, Content or Services. Businesses that have been added but don’t match the description may be removed. If in doubt, contact Digital CIrcle before adding a business.

Is there a cost to join?

No, there is no cost to join up as an individual member or as a digital business. Professional services companies (legal, accountancy, recruitment, HR) companies will have to pay a standard charge. Sponsors of Digital Circle are also welcome.

What’s the difference between a member and a business?

Businesses can set up business profiles and promote themselves by adding projects into their showcase areas.

What is a Business Project?

A business project is a space within your business account area to describe and showcase your business, or aspects of your business, such as client case studies, products or projects. It is the space where you can promote what you do.

This is the area where businesses can most benefit from Digital Circle membership, so it is worth putting some effort into project content.

How do I add Business Projects?

When you have created your business profile, and gone to your business page, there will be a ‘Create Project’ link.

Up to 5 projects can be added per business.

How do I add content to my projects?

Adding content is very straightforward.

There is s shortform (140) characters section for a brief description of the project, and then a Description space for fuller text.

The text description (as elsewhere on the site) uses Markdown for text handling Markdown

You can use the editing icons provided, or paste your own markdown script into the text box.

When adding a business logo, make sure to get the aspect ratio square, and the size a minimum of 252 x 252, and filetypes of jpg, gif or png, and a max filesize of 1Mb

Within each project space, there are 5 spaces for image, video or audio content.

From the dropdown box select which type you wish.

Images are uploaded to the server from your computer, but video and audio are embedded using the oEmbed format. That means that you should upload your content to a site that supports oEmbed (for example, YouTube) and then paste the URL link into the textbox provided in the project page.

For example, if you have uploaded a video to YouTube, then select Add New Content on the Create Project page, choose Embed Video from the drop down box, and simply paste the YouTube URL into the text box, and add text for the video title.

What are Groups?

Groups are special interest groups organised around a theme that should be related to Digital Circle activities.

Some groups are official Digital Circle activities, while others are organised independently of Digital Circle.

Any member can create a group as long as it conforms to Digital Circle activities.

Who can add content to the Digital Circle website?

Members are free to create Groups, post Events, list Jobs, post News and start or add to Discussions.

Business owners can create Projects, and list or view business Opportunities

For now, direct questions to