Freelance/Potential Full Time UX/UI Designer with front end experience


Have you ever deleted an app because the bottons were in the wrong place? Have you ever told your mates you couldn't go out and instead sat in and built a 'great idea' over a weekend? (only to later discover no one in the world would use it other than you) Do you get annoyed about bad design? Do you dream of reimagining the world's biggest brands?

We're a small team of misfits tired of the floating freelance life. We're building a business that'll afford us company holidays in Monaco while delivering world-class digital solutions to the world's most ambitious companies.

In the last four months we've grown 400%. We have clients in health care, online retail, startup, music... We're opening a Sydney office in August. Belfast and Sydney, yup... Our clients love us. We have great craic and work really fucking hard.

We're looking for UX/UI designers with front end experience.

We have freelance work available right now. If that goes well and you like us, maybe you'll want to stay...

Don't send us a CV. Instead look at our website and tell us what you'd do differently.

How to apply

you'll work it out

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