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Passenger Information Systems Workshop - IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems

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The Department for Regional Development is holding a series of workshops to engage with the market as one of the first steps in taking forward the implementation of its IS/IT Strategy for Public Transportation Systems. This initial series of workshops will focus on exploring the technologies and solutions available in relation to passenger information for public transport. The workshop brief ou... read more →

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Does Digital Circle need to do more?

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Simple enough question. Between August 2008 and September 2011, Digital Circle was funded to create presence, to motivate and accelerate, to help provide a communications stream between government and the digital media industry. The funding was to hire one person, provide some admin support and a little travel and a marketing and events budget. We managed the budget to deliver on time (though... read more →

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Strategy formation is the topic of discussion at our Masterclass: E-Learning journeys

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The latest in our series of Masterclasses took place in Glasgow last week. Learning and development, training and HR professionals from over 30 Scottish organisations gathered to explore how to get the best out of learning technologies and blended classroom practice. In this post, we give an overview of presentations from our keynote speakers, the topics discussed and useful tips from our rece... read more →

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Forget Fight Club, what are the rules of Start-Up Club?

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We all know the first rule of Fight Club – (shhh – don’t mention it) – but what are the rules of Start-Up Club? These are the 10 Rules I’d suggest to someone starting out with a new business: Rule 1 – Just Do It – the time will never be right & there’s no point in procrastinating, obsessing over the fine detail (you’ll find out soon enough you can’t control things anyway) or delaying. G... read more →

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Aurion and FPA Develop New & Improved Sex and Sexuality E-learning

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Aurion Learning has been working with the Family Planning Association (FPA) to develop a new and improved sex and sexuality e-learning programme for people with learning disabilities. Aurion Learning and the FPA first collaborated in 2008 to develop the award-winning All About Us; a CD-ROM that gives people with learning disabilities information on sex, relationships and sexual orientation. Th... read more →